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The Joker

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Joker Fracture Element#0011 of 666 fragments
666 unique fragments of the artwork “The Joker” by Nikodemas Linkevičius, currently being exhibited at the Devils Museum in Kaunas. Owners of a fragment will receive a true-to-life 3D scanned model, with their individual piece being highlighted.

Devil "The Joker"
by Nikodemas Linkevičius

Often a hidden mythological creature, only to be spotted by gullible humans about to be tricked by sly and tempting offers. Do you have the guts to stand up to the one who calls himself "The Joker"? Eyewitnesses say that the artwork bears a striking resemblance to the founder of the Devils museum himself - Antanas Žmuidzinavičius.

Ownership benefits

Certificate of
True-to-life 3D model
Exclusive access to auctions
of the Devils of Kaunas

Digitalizing museum exhibits

A true finite collectors piece, for those who want to own a piece of human history and exclusive artworks. The Certificate of Authenticity guarantees the legitimacy of the piece and that no other digital versions of the HBT can exist.